Our Little Rosey

Our bakery is now on wheels!


Please contact us to discuss whether we can help with your fundraiser. 


We will be moving into our cookie trailer by the fall of 2017 with plans of booking private events/weddings by the spring of 2018. Contact us for pricing and to discuss whether we can bring the "Ultimate Cookie Table Treat" to your 2018 event by baking our cookies on site in our custom built cookie trailer. We will do our best to customize our service for your event. (Venue/location approval is needed as well as minimum sales requirements.)

We offer delicious cookie varieties for fundraisers and private events like our very popular fall favorite Pumpkin Spice with white chocolate chips (shown here) and Double Chocolate, as well as our newest treat, S'mores Cookie Sammiches. Ask about them when you contact us for your event or fundraiser. 

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