The Humble Cookie Stand, LLC is an idea that came to be because of one determined baking-loving sister pestering her older sister to join her to help make her home-baking business grow.


As we began working together on new ideas, we agreed that the best way to have a successful business was to promise that we would serve the highest quality products as possible.  We also realized the best way to eat a cookie is right from the oven, baked fresh and served warm. And we couldn't think of a better cookie to enjoy warm from the oven than the chocolate chip cookie in all it's humble goodness. 

So, we set out to create the most delicious chocolate chip cookie we could through research and a lot of taste-testing. The end result is a cookie that is made with the finest ingredients, including Belgium chocolate chips, and absolutely no preservatives. We fondly refer to our star cookie as our "Almost Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie".  When served at an event right from our oven, we can promise that every bite will have that perfect crisp and gooey goodness that our customers deserve.  And unlike over-sized gourmet cookies, we absolutely love our bite-size cookies for their perfect crisp to gooey ratio.  When our warm cookies are paired with local dairy milk or ice cream that we serve at events, it’s absolute cookie heaven! 


Keep up with us through Facebook and Instagram to see where the Cookie Stand will be next in the Western Pennsylvania area. We will be moving into a cookie trailer soon and hope to be available for private events beginning in the spring of 2018!  So, check back for information on booking our Cookie Stand for your event when it becomes available. 

Always be Humble & Kind -

Alicia & Luann 


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